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SirosUno has been designed for hotels and mixed used vacation properties, from small independent to large multi-site hotels and general property management groups.

Collaborately designed from over 30 years of experience in the sector, SirosUno is a state of the art software which can be used from desktop, laptop or tabled anywhere in the world.

We have been there before

Before setting up Siros Management Solutions our team created a brand new software solution for an independent international hotel and resort company managing over 2,000 vacation units across 8 resort properties. That experience has been brought to SirosUno.

We know what is needed

The team of developers at Siros Management Solutions has extensive knowledge of the wants and needs of varying projects from small hotels to large vacation resorts and vacation property management companies. We know that the market today moves very quickly and owners need quick and agile solutions to keep pace. The team has a history of finding innovative solutions in an ever-changing market and the software has been developed to cope with these changes.

We feel your pain

During this time we have developed in depth knowledge of the wants and needs of all departments including reservations, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, sales & marketing and accounting. This has created an understanding of what is required from each different department and the individual needs of the end user as well as the technical details to deliver them.

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Why us

Maximise Your Income Streams

To make the most of your occupancy and therefore maximise your potential income streams, it is essential that you operate with a back office system that is user friendly, fast, efficient and securely available from anywhere in the world.

From rental income to management fees, reception to housekeeping, Siros Management Solutions offers a State of the Art reservations and management system specifically for the mixed-used resort market.

SirosUno is ideal for managing owner's inventory, fee billing and interaction with web rental portals.

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We are in the cloud

Dispense with expensive networks and servers. With the advent of the Cloud and web technology there is no need to set up and maintain expensive networks with cables and servers.

Work Anywhere

All you ever need is an internet connection and you are connected.

Simple and Clean

Almost everyone today is familiar with web browsers so we created the site to resemble one. We created it like this so that a new user is automatically faced with a familiar look with intuitive and easily understandable command buttons.


What you get

We realize that there is never a “one size fits all” solution and there are varied wants and needs for almost every user, not lease the expense of finding the right solution and staying ahead of the game. We understand that in the era of the internet you need to combine short, medium and long stays within your villas, lodges, apartments or hotel rooms, deal with different reservation protocols to serve your loyal members and new customers whilst at the same time maximizing your occupancies and income streams.

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Our team

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Carlos Bourque - Owner of the company
Never stop learning!
CIO / Founder

Carlos Bourque

Juan Carlos Fuentes - Junior Developer
If you can imagine it, we can develop it

Juan Carlos Fuentes

Nacho Ramírez - Graphic Designer
Good design is obvious. The brilliant design is transparent
Graphic Designer

Nacho Ramírez

José Rodríguez - IT and Devops
Changing your mind and changing world
IT / DevOps

José Rodríguez

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At Siros Management Solutions we are always looking for new talent who want to continue improving skills while working in a good environment. If you consider yourself a person who can bring something new to our group, we want to meet you!

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